T.O.E. The Omega Enterprise - The Order Explained

T.O.E. The Omega Enterprise

The Order Explained is the revealed definitive explanation of the order responsible for everything in all of creation, compared to man’s endeavour to discover through scientific study, research, experiment and mathematics, that which has been described as: T.O.E – Theory Of Everything.

Since 1974 God has privately and progressively imparted prophetic revelations about Himself and our relationship to Him to a small number of New Zealanders; ordinary people who faithfully recorded what He said, as was requested. Towards the end of that year, he gave them a recondite message – a message they struggled to understand, a message requiring special knowledge, dealing with profound subjects previously inaccessible, that is, concealed and hidden away. God followed the message with this rider:

Look now at these words I have given you and try to blend, digest, resolve, speculate, discuss and postulate your findings and as you do, reach out to Me in prayer for what I have given you I have never given to anyone before. I ask that when you know and have postulated the possibilities, that you put this knowledge in a very safe place. It must not be disclosed to anyone until the time I have selected has come. Then you will reach out to Me and ask, ‘To whom shall we give this?’ And I will tell you.

Twenty-four years later when they had completed T.O.E. – The Order Explained and not remembering the rider, God was asked, “To whom shall we give this?” He replied:

Give it to the people. Give it to the people.

And so, the family, doing what God requested, put together and published T.O.E. The Omega Enterprise. To read and discover, ‘The Order Explained’, you can purchase the book via our shopping cart.