Business success is a vital factor for the well-being of any society, particularly large modern societies. God knows this more than we do and is clear in His response to this need. In other words, God is being a responsible father and we should reciprocate with gratitude to His words of advice.

Down through the ages He has continually spoken to us about what is right and wrong, as good parents do, but as many parents can testify, their words of wisdom and warning often fall on deaf ears.

It has been said ‘you can’t put an old head on young shoulders’, most business heads are not so young; therefore, God is speaking to them in the hope that they will take a lead in the formation of good sound business.

Because business provides goods and services and employment remuneration, it is I who gifts the skills necessary for business management.

Any business that fashions its budget on the prospects of excessive greedy returns, is lacking in good business sense and responsibility.

Appreciation by all, of the worth of good business talent is what is needed if a society is to prosper without the encumbrance of political intervention, and all the superfluous waste that flows from It.

Big business has within it the seeds of its own destruction. The most pernicious is the seed of greed.