Addictions can range from the seemingly harmless, such as crosswords and on-line gaming, to the more serious; gambling, alcohol, pornography and drugs.

The effects, or consequences, of the more serious are far reaching and will affect the lives of not just the addict, but those in close contact such as family, friends and work colleagues.

An addiction is the trap Satan wants one to fall into so that he can terrorise his victim incessantly.

One addiction, gluttony, is about self, particularly self-indulgence and a lack of self-control. Gluttony, in its fullest sense, is far more serious than many of us may think for it can lead to a reckless disregard for self-preservation, self-respect and social responsibility. Reckless disregard for self-preservation is a serious sin, for it mocks God and delights Satan.

The following aphorisms, are what God has to say on the matter:

Regular over indulgence of food and/or alcohol is most unwise.

Gambling is a squandering of the family purse.

Because order, formed by self-control and true education is hard work, some, prompted by evil, resort to drug abuse in an attempt to escape from this reality.

Pornography, in all its forms, is the potent weapon in Satan’s arsenal for the corruption and ultimate enslavement of many within the human family

Every week partying is a serious addiction of escapism, an avoidance of reality.

Overspending can be the result of a passion for excitement.
 On a positive note:

A mistake a fall is not necessarily a failure, but an opportunity for refinement.