Pillar Wisdom


Wisdom is the capacity to think and act with the benefits of experience and knowledge. If this is so, why, with all the accumulative knowledge and experience now available, is the world in such distress and confusion?

Wisdom, in many ways, is like being an alert driver of a motor vehicle, who knows and understands the rules of the road and keeps them. If you constantly ignore or flout the law of the road, you will sadly lose your license or more sadly, lose your life. True wisdom is not a license, but a talent, given by God as a potential to use the gift of freewill wisely:

To have true and effective vision is to be wise before the fact, not wise after the fact.

Faced with the truth, Lucifer was in denial, too conceited to accept God’s authority and judgement. When Lucifer rebelled against God for choosing to generate offspring; evil happened. God’s justice and wisdom met and love prevailed. Lucifer and the angels who followed him were expelled from the Kingdom.

Being of spiritual essence these angels were created to exist forever but through rebellion were now out of unison with God. Their only source of strength therefore, would be the children, who although noble of origin and immortal of stature, could choose to wander away from God’s loving guidance and protection and become hosts to these parasitical rebels; rebels distorted by jealousy and intent on revenge against God and His children.

God warned Adam and Eve, our first parents: “Do not eat the fruit of the tree for although the tree and its fruit may look good, Lucifer’s presence can make the fruit corruptive, and if consumed, destroy your incorporeal immortality and dull your soul.”

As a counter to Lucifer’s wiles, God lovingly and wisely warned them of the dangers of being too self-assured. He did this often but always without taking away their gift of freewill.

Lucifer’s opening move was to gain acceptance into Adam and Eve’s free thinking, that was as yet untested and prone to flights of innocent exuberance. He observed when, at times, they lapsed into this state, they tended to pay scant attention to God’s advice and being untested, lost sight of the need to be alert and use their freewill wisely.

It was this naivety that Lucifer saw was an opening for flattery. Such was his cunning that he excited their curiosity to the point where they were happy to enter into dialogue with him.

Despite God’s clear warnings, Adam and Eve, who by now had lost all wisdom, allowed themselves to be deceived, to eat the fruit and become hosts to the parasites. Divested of their incorporeal vitality, they immediately came under the influence of gravity, the first law of physical existence. God observed with great sorrow and disappointment, yet without hesitation commanded the angels to form a defence screen around His fallen children. He then commissioned a special angel for each of them. The commission given to the Guardian Angels was specific: “Protect my children from evil intent that would end their lives before their time, but do not infringe upon their freewill. Speak to their spirits in whispers and guide their physical movements with a gentle touch. Be devoted to them as you are to me.”

Isolation from the wisdom of their Creator is the direction chosen by many of My children. Isolation from My wisdom is being encouraged by misguided leadership in both social and political spheres of activities.

Pillar Wisdom