By linking jealousy to revenge, God has opened up the opportunity for all of us to examine our consciences about our every day attitudes in regard to our talents, in comparison to the talents of others. Envy is opposed to Christian charity, which rejoices at the good and success of others and does not seek in any way to find fault in others as an excuse for revenge, either by open rancour or spiteful gossip. The following aphorisms also make it clear that revenge is wrong, when it is born out of hatred or a desire to inflict punishment beyond what is just, or against the wrong person, especially for morbid satisfaction:

Whenever you feel jealous remember one thing, jealousy is not of your God.

If you allow jealousy to take root in you, expect the fruits to be revenge and deceitfulness.

In your attempts to be successful do not in any way covet the worthy success of others.

The recourse to capital punishment can too often be an unjust desire for revenge.

Vengeance is Mine and I will repay justly, for I know the whole truth.

Put aside all jealousy and be thankful to Me for all the gifts I have given and have in store for you. In that satisfaction you will be eternally successful, happy and fulfilled.