We appear to be in an age when grievances, originating from years past, are being revived; reheated as it were and made into big business with the alluring prospects of large monetary gains. God has made many references to the problems of grievances and how we should handle them.

Cherished grievances are not always honest grievances but grievances with the purpose of self-advantage, self indulgence.

Cherished grievances can never be satisfied.

Treat honest grievances with respect, tolerance and fairness.

To those aggrieved accept reasonable compensation graciously and thankfully, then close the book.

Poverty is often the result of a disordered society, where grievances replace love and joy and thereby restrict co-operation and well-being.

If the world wants peace, not war, it must promote the strengths of humility and denounce the weaknesses of pride, pride that broods over every cherished grievance imaginable.

For further reference, read the prophecy, ‘Grievances’ on page 206 of T.O.E The Omega Enterprise