Pillar Truth


The greatest challenges for mankind is the truth about their being: where they came from, why they are here and where they are going.  Essentially, is there a God?  Unfortunately, many people believe the truth revolves around their desires, but truth is not what you desire; it’s what you need.

Below are excerpts from our publication entitled T.O.E. The Omega Enterprise which begins to answer the questions posed above.

“To be or not to be? That is the question”, wrote Shakespeare in Act Three of Hamlet. Immortal words that have a presence when used in the context of God’s generating generosity, for ‘to be’ is to have a presence in the realm of perceived reality, existence and life.

When God in His generosity conceived the idea to create beings that would be free to choose, He conceived beings who would be free to love and be loved as He loves.  He conceived offspring.  He conceived humankind.  He harnessed His generative power.

As offspring, He gave us not only the freedom to choose but also the inherent ability to create, using the things He has provided.  No other created being has been given such existence, not even His powerful angels. God embarked on a once and forever divine enterprise.

When this, His plan, was conveyed to His created angelic attendants, including their part in the plan to serve the hosts of children He desired, there was consternation in the ranks.  The court of Heaven fell to silence.  Then the highly privileged angel Lucifer deigned to speak:

“Lord, did you not create us to serve you? This we will always do, for you are the mighty one but we have not been prepared by you to serve any lesser being.  I feel that this would be below the status you have bestowed upon us.”

God replied in a clear, resolute way:

“If you are to continue serving Me then you will serve them for they are, because of My generating generosity, beloved offspring, desired children who will fill My eternal Kingdom with rejoicing and love.  They will follow My example and joyfully create freely forever and you also can take delight in them.”

Lucifer was far from delighted by this reply and he allowed his shining spirit to be darkened at its core by bitter jealousy.  Although still bright on the surface, the interior darkness would gradually invade his entire essence.  God, who sees all, knew at once the consequences.  God questioned His generous plan:

“To be or not to be?”

Then Gabriel and Michael the archangels spoke in unison:

“Lord how great and generous You are.  We accept Your divine right to exercise Your plan. We will be loyal to You and Your offspring forever.”

At this, Lucifer’s mood quickly became jaundiced and a total adverse reaction towards God’s goodness took hold.  He would revolt and draw many other angels with him into revolution.

God had no fear of Lucifer or any other angel convinced to follow him.  The outcome was never in doubt.  The question was the children, with their freedom to choose, freedom to love, freedom to investigate and create. Freedom, the vulnerability but without freedom no true offspring. “To be or not to be?”

God paused but for a moment.  Yes, the plan would proceed for although some may choose incorrectly, many will choose rightly. For those who chose rightly it would be ungenerous not to proceed with the plan and by doing so, deny them life in eternal peace and happiness.

Love of the truth is the pathway to social freedom.

Pillar Truth