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Our Response

In the Five Pillars of Social Freedom, God has outlined the way to true freedom, a freedom that is possible when we respond to Him and ask Him for His help.  So, how do we respond to God?

Over the centuries, God has encouraged us to communicate with him through prayer, to lift up our hearts and minds to Him, just as we would with a friend.  We can express gratitude or simply tell Him that we love Him.  It is an opportunity for us to share our thoughts and concerns about everyday life, to ask him for His help.

While praying, open your heart and your mind, and allow God to speak His truth and wisdom to you.  Ask Him to show you the way to peace, progress and love, to enlighten you to see the changes you need to make in yourself, changes that will reflect, and encourage others around you to do the same.

Confide in Me, so that I can confide in you, so that there is a special harmony between you and I.

Make your constant request My guidance.

Included on this website is a section titled Prayers, containing a number of well-known prayers, and others that have been given to us by God, to say at certain times.  The Daily Prayer is a beautiful way to invite the Holy Spirit to fill you with love, a love that will last and not fade with the passing of time.

A section on Daily Living has aphorisms on topics relevant to daily life.  These are designed to enlighten and encourage an openness to truth and wisdom.

Searching for the truth is everyone’s everyday challenge for life to be truly understood, appreciated and fulfilled.

T.O.E. The Omega Enterprise, The Order Explained, is our publication that definitively explains the order responsible for everything in all creation.  The world is in crisis on many fronts, and The Order Explained is groundbreaking knowledge necessary for future advancement worldwide.  It encourages mankind to exercise the necessary goodwill to be sufficiently responsible, to develop and manage the many gifts God wants to share, but he will not share these gifts until man turns completely away from sin.

In the Spiritual section, God identifies sin and talks about his Ten Commandments.  He also speaks about the importance of repentance.

In the words of Jesus Christ: ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul.’  The loss of eternal life with God, the loss of paradise.

Everyone from the time of the fall has and is being tested individually within the whole collective struggle of humanity.  In God’s own words:

The character, the very essence of your being is your spirit.  It is your spirit that is given freedom, freedom of expression, freedom within the confines of your mortal being.  And within the confines of your mortal being the very character that is you, has the task to subdue that mortal being.

To achieve the conquest that leads to salvation, you, your very character, your very essence, realizes and must surrender to the will of your God and the sign of this surrender is to ask for the grace of My most Holy Spirit.  Here then is the nub of the whole subject of your very being, that you, your character desires to have victory over the world, the flesh and the devil.

This battle, this exchange of wills is what your life is all about, for you are above all a spirit let free from the hands of your God; has it not been said, ‘the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak?’  But I extend to you, the spirit must be willing for it is free.  Your body is no freer than the cattle of the field but your spirit is and it is your spirit that listens to the love song of your God, to come back to Him, to seek Him, to ask for His grace.

This enlightenment will give you a foundation on which to build an understanding, a tactic you can use, so that your character, the very essence that is you, can be glorified in the sight of your God.

Come then and relax your will into Mine.

What's next?

It is My love that truly sets you free and gives you a liberty that is eternal.