The search for knowledge is an important part of life. How we use that knowledge is obviously not always what God wants or expects of us. These words are taken from the commentary found within Chapter Five of, T.O.E. the Omega Enterprise. To reinforce what was said, the prophecy from God, through His prophet, continued:

The pursuit of evil by the misuse of knowledge can bring about your downfall. Confess how when you discovered the minimum about the elementals, you made weapons for mass destruction. I allowed you to invent and use certain technologies and you turned their use towards evil pursuits. You chase after evil things with reckless abandonment, flaunt your puny achievements before Me, flout at My laws and defiantly ignore My warnings so clearly demonstrated.

Too soon now, many of you who will not listen to Me, will go beyond the lip of the gulf and out of the reach of My rescuing arms. The harsh reality of total adversity will then be your portion for all eternity.

God continued:

There is a thinning of time.

The following commentary puts these words into perspective. In every age there have been people who have predicted the end of the world in their time. This prophecy, ‘There is a thinning of time’, makes no such prediction. It infers, however, that God’s patience with the world is wearing thin and that the time is near when He must once again demonstrate His majesty – supreme power and authority.

By My innate triune character, I am the filter of time. The essential need of order to prevent any tendency for error, time error.

Intelligence is a gift given to be used for worthy pursuits.

Lively thinking comes from success gained through reference to Me, so keep on referring to My word.

Humanity has a right to protect itself from vanity within science and the resultant blight coming from that mix. Professional conceit has no place in science

Always remember that science as a noble profession can be a blessing but science as just another business can be a worry.

Science and integrity are a good mix.