Pillar Peace


The Fall and its consequences have reverberated down through the centuries. From the time evil happened, it has plotted and planned our enslavement: a servitude that corrupts and disorders our freewill, turning what was meant to be a blessing into a confused jumble of opinions and demands, based mostly on pride and selfishness.

Everyone wants peace. Peace in one’s life, peace in one’s home, and community, and peace in the world. But the world is not at peace, because mankind is not at peace with himself: the consequence of being out of harmony with God.

There can be no lasting peace without the acceptance of My laws, My Commandments.

Collectively, mankind is responsible for the mayhem metered out by evil, for without our response to evil’s needs, Satan (Lucifer) and his cohorts would decline into oblivion.

Reject evil and heaven and earth become one in My eyes.

To bring about the Fall of Adam and Eve, it was essential for Satan to enter their very beings, albeit in disguise, so that he could consume a measure of their spiritual strength and replace it with a shadow of his evil, a fragment of himself. This evil would shade their vitality and their souls from the light of God’s grace and energy. Therefore, to be protected so as to avoid sin, and to counter the viruses of evil, we must not only absorb the word of God into our consciousness but consume Him (Holy Eucharist) into our very being, to be imbued and immunized by His presence, His grace and goodness.

Peace is a cooperation with the will of God, our Father.

The crisis the world is facing is not just about energy but also by consequence, about disbelief in God and the growing acceptance of evil and therefore sin. God created us and in His loving generosity, He has allowed our numbers to grow. This growth has accelerated because of the discovery and utilization of crude oil, not only for fuel, but for a whole range of products essential for the expansion of large, modern societies.

God wants to give mankind gifts of inconceivable value and use, which more than replace the value of crude oil. However, He will not risk doing so until we turn away from sin and evil, not slightly but totally.

To have true and lasting peace, Satan and his cohorts must decline into oblivion. This must be desired by all.

Be at peace, My children and know that I am God, that My love for you exceeds all your expectations. I am not limited in My love. My ways are not your ways, nor are My ways answerable to your judgments and opinions. My ways are the ways of He who is perfect, He who is admirable, He whose perfections and detailing are above your minds, above the faculties you now have.

As freewill is a gift from Me your God, it must be respected and used as such. Only then will peace be a real possibility.

Pillar Peace