There can be no true repentance without a healthy conscience; no reproaching of oneself without true knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Self-justification and repentance are at opposite ends of the conscience scale of behaviour. The author of truth is God, so when assessing our liberties, it is, as the aphorism says, ‘always wise to accept God’s right to have the last say’. Freewill is a gift which to be truly realised must be used wisely, and within the framework of love and respect for God and for one another:

Be ambitious to know the truth, so that your conscience is clear about what constitutes the need to repent.

Study My commandments in depth to understand what is right and what is wrong.

To determine what is right and what is wrong is not the right of the created but supreme right of the Creator.

Ongoing right conduct will not endure without a healthy conscience.

My loving forgiveness radiates most strongly when you are truly repentant for your lack of integrity.

For further reference, read the prophecy, ‘The Call to Repentance’, page 208 of T.O.E The Omega Enterprise