Tenure and Harvesting

Harvesting is the all important factor of land utilisation. When tenure of land is used purely to claim profit for oneself without the correct use of that land to bring forth the harvest, then that tenant is failing to pay a return to the landlord.

My plans for My world are that it bear fruit, the fruit of life, to carry all the future generations and there must be no attempt made by you to place a limit on the population of My earth. This right, this decision is Mine and Mine alone. I have decided when and how balance is to be achieved.

My children, you must trust me and not interfere with the natural and proper exploitation of this planet.

This right, this decision is Mine and Mine alone.

Yes God is perfect, He was perfect yesterday, He is perfect today and He is perfect always and forever. Everything is dependant on His perfection, His truth. All our rights come from God and all our rights are under His rights. When we humbly accept this truth, then He will be our God and we shall be His people. We will turn to Him and be drawn towards a time of peace and happiness.