Five Pillars


In response to the present-day spawning of crises, governments have acted by placing demands and restrictions on their people. As more of these restrictions invade their lives, people become frustrated, anxious and depressed.

Our freedom of choice and movement has always been accepted as our right; however, the compulsory mandates are encroaching not only into our daily lives but making plans for the future seem futile.

Freedom in its fullest sense is the legacy of true love, willed by God, our Father, as a gift to us, His children. A gift wrapped within the infinite scope of His eternal love which is forgiving, forbearing and for everyone.

The ‘Five Pillars of Social Freedom’ will be appreciated more fully when God is recognised as our loving Father. He has augmented these pillars as guiding principles, signposts of Truth, for the enlightenment and advancement for us, His children.

They reveal the Truth of our existence, demonstrate the importance of Wisdom when facing life’s challenges and disclose the achievements possible, when we blend our will with our loving Father. He alone is capable of leading us to a world of Peace, Progress and Love for all.

Be prepared to embrace a journey of discovery, hope and an exciting future full of promise and prosperity for all.

Five Pillars

It is My love that truly sets you free and gives you a liberty that is eternal.