The media – mass media – in many ways is like a mirror that reflects the moods and attitudes of social behaviour and as a mirror can excite those moods and attitudes to a higher level of intensity. If these moods and attitudes are willful and wild, a media with any sense of goodwill and responsibility would of itself strongly censor such behaviour, not encourage it. This is not happening but rather the opposite is often the norm, including the censorship of wholesomeness. The following aphorisms make it clear that such conduct is narrow minded, profit driven mindlessness, and is sinful:

Incomplete knowledge, promoted as clever information, is a sin when done deliberately to harm the young and defenceless.

The media, throughout the world, is being corruptive because of its pretences.

A biased media is more dangerous to a democracy than a corrupt government, which can be called to account by its people.

A government by the media can be too popular for its own good and too inept for democracies good.

The airways of radio, television and the media in general are awash with evil pollution, crafted to suffocate your mind and soul.

Talk shows, by their very nature can be the kindergarten of opinionated superficiality.