In the aphorisms that follow God does not mince words about sin. He makes it clear that sin is real and a grave offence against His Divine Law, established for our guidance and protection:

Unnecessary Sunday trading is a sin, a breach of Divine Law and guidance, and a violation of the need to rest and reflect on the wonder and order of life.

Sin is the free and deliberate breaking of the law of the Lord of supply, in order to embrace some finite desire.

I have identified sin for you, and it is a very grave offence to legally and /or legislatively justify sin.

Soft public response to moral crime is a crime itself.

Gratitude for true information is lacking within a society tolerant of sin.

Evil waxes when humanity accepts sinful acts as desirable. Evil wanes when mankind denies sin access into daily living.

For further reference, read the prophecy ‘The Call to Repentance’, page 208 of T.O.E The Omega Enterprise