Marriage Family


True marriage is a lifelong love affair between a man and a woman. A love affair that unites them intimately for the expressed intention of procreation. Two people, each with a unique individuality and personality, whose offspring will bear some of the traits of both parents and because of the degree of the mix each child will also be unique. The human child is not like other offspring for to develop to its true and full potential it must be nurtured in a loving environment for a least twenty-one years. This is the mission of marriage, a mission that is not a soft option but a character-building performance greatly acknowledged by God.

A happy and responsible family is not the product of chance or social engineering but the result of the efforts of wise, loving and self-sacrificing parents; parents who love and respect each other and love and respect their children because they are foremost God’s children and God’s gift to them.

A must for a happy and sound marriage is not sexual enhancement but sexual fidelity.

If you want an orderly society do not in any way deride or trivialise the sanctity of marriage.

Promotion of anti-family behaviour has rent many families apart and is of evil intent.

A wise state gives honour to true and faithful parenthood.

The true stars of a healthy society are faithful and loving parents.

When you hold your offspring in your arms, always remember that your baby is My offspring, as you are My child.