Financial management is a very important requirement for any organisation, be it social, family, business or government. Financial abuse, therefore, of any kind is a grave offence against what God has decreed as a general and overriding commandment, that we love one another. In the following aphorisms, He highlights abuse, vanity and temptation as the areas that we must contemplate and rectify:

Child abuse is a crime crying out to heaven for vengeance. What then financial abuse all over the worl?

For some a 'quick fix' is to get rich quick, but at whose expense? An unworthy pursuit.

Tempting though it may be too much wealth can be very destructive of spiritual health.

To spend wisely is a social responsibility, for it helps to restrain inflation.

There is a catch to living within one's means; do not get caught up in extravagances.

A good budget is a form of enlightenment. Put God in the centre of your budget and all your true needs will be met.

If you don’t need it, it was never a bargain.

For further reference read the prophecy ‘Fame and Fortune’, page 203 of T.O.E The Omega Enterprise.