The subject of lying, including false witness, is among the most common and serious of sins, that easily can become a habit. It is serious because of the adverse, far-reaching ramifications that it can induce within the social environment. Gossip is just one area where this sin cultivates either hostility or distress. Lying and false witness dishonours God for it shows a complete lack of respect for the great gift of freewill, a gift given to us by God as a freedom, for the purpose to love; to love not only God but to love one another. Lest we underestimate the seriousness of the sin these aphorisms emphasise the gravity of the offence:

To attain high office through lying is to be in partnership with he who is adverse to goodness.

A society that allows false witness to go largely unchallenged, by turning a blind eye to this crime, will in time pay a terrible price.

Struggling with lies is a common problem for those who have chosen evil directions.

It is not clever to be a liar.

For further reference, read the prophecy ‘Will Power’ page 107 of T.O.E The Omega Enterprise