Pillar Progress


Education and the search for knowledge is an important part of life. How we use that knowledge is obviously not always what God wants or expects of us, therefore, before God can risk giving substantial knowledge about Himself and the gifts that go with that knowledge, He requires that we admit our faults. We must understand how the misuse of knowledge can lead to dire consequences, not only for us as individuals but for the whole human race.

Without this knowledge, the knowledge of Me, you My children will take upon yourselves, with your finite capacities, actions that bring about causes that are utterly destructive. My children, you were not created to suffer this fate, but rather, you were created to share in My peace, to share in My love, to share in My being, a life which exceeds all your expectations.

The world is staggering under the torment of mindset in all areas of human endeavor and the consequences are graphically demonstrated in politics, science, finance and the environment. Upgrade, therefore, your spiritual awareness, that inner self, that has been neglected for so long and seek through Me in all areas of your life the spiritual direction you need. Contemplate on the gifts of My Holy Spirit and seek to receive these by developing the great and wonderful virtues of patience and humility.

The plans for My world are that it bears fruit, the fruit of life to carry all the future generations and there must be no attempt made by you to place a limit on the population of My earth. This right, this decision, is Mine and Mine alone. I have decided when and how balance is to be achieved.

Who or what but I can articulate and facilitate the facets of the universe? Who or what but I has the power, the radiance to work unceasingly to give you everything you have? The Father and I go on working all the time.

So, we have a task to perform a will to shape and a battle to win before He will give the knowledge we need to progress.

Many new, modern substances have characteristics not known a few decades ago, but which are now taken for granted as the norm. The future that lies ahead will have substances, characteristics which cannot be imagined by today’s scientific community. These characteristics will open up huge possibilities for the teaming billions of My people who will inhabit My earth. The environment in which they will live will be far superior to the environment of this earth – even of the last century.

Pollution and want will be a thing of the past and the people of this millennium will be amazed at the primitive civilization which now exists. All this will come about because of Agape love – that which I have for My created and creative offspring.

You are a very special link between what is now and what will be in the third millennium.

Pillar Progress